Dr. Helene Polatajko at TEDxToronto Conference

Nov 7, 2016
Jessica Boafo
On October 27th, Dr. Helene Polatajko was one of the renowned speakers at this year's TEDxToronto conference – SYMBOLS + SIGNALS.

With the world in a constant state of change, this year’s conference focuses on the new ways in which we communicate, innovate and problem-solve. 

Her research on the role of cognition in motor performance has resulted in individuals being able to quickly learn the skills that have eluded them for years, skills that had often been deemed impossible for them.

Dr. Polatajko has received numerous prestigious honours and awards, and her approach –known as CO-OP (Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance)– is being used nationally and internationally.

To learn more about this year’s conference, visit the TEDxToronto website to view the program guide

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