How Occupational Therapists Can Help with Transition from Hospital to Home: Dr. Susan Rappolt on Doctor's Notes

Oct 19, 2016
Jessica Boafo

In light of Occupational Therapy Month this October, Dr. Susan Rappolt sheds some light on how an occupational therapist can make a world of difference for those whose health condition changes the way they get by in the world in the latest issue of Doctor's Notes entitled, "How occupational therapists can help with transition from hospital to home".

A recent study out of the United States, published in the journal Medical Care Research and Review showed that out of a range of 19 services, higher spending on occupational therapy in hospitals was the only service area that led to significantly lower readmission rates.

But this comes to no surprised to Dr. Rappolt because as she states, "if occupational therapists can help people get back the part of their lives that is most meaningful to them, people will build on their strengths, maintain themselves in their everyday routines and even thrive". 

According to Dr. Rappolt, the key is listening to patients: 

"By analyzing their biopsychosocial capacities and the demands of their desired occupations and goals, as well as any barriers and supports in their environments, we make recommendations on what they need to have in place upon leaving the hospital".

To read the full article, visit the Toronto Star website

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