RSI's First Alumni Spring Reunion: Recap

Speakers (left to right): Dr. Kara Patterson, Lauren Bechard, Dr. Emily Nalder, with RSI Director, Dr. Angela Colantonio

Over the weekend, RSI held its very first Alumni Spring Reunion! The SOLD-OUT event which took place on June 3 at 500 University Ave. was just one of many special events taking place in part of the University of Toronto’s Annual Alumni Weekend. Lead by RSI faculty member and alumni association (RSI-AA) chair, Dr. Rosalie Wang, the day consisted of a lecture series focused on Brain Health across the Lifespan.

"Brain health is an active area of research in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. Our esteemed researchers and trainees are looking at multiple facets of brain health in infants all the way to seniors." - Dr. Rosalie Wang

The panel of speakers consisted of esteemed RSI faculty and students alike, all looking at multiple facets of brain health from infants all the way to seniors:

Lauren Bechard MSc Student Start early, but if you didn't, start now: Physical activity for maintaining brain health across the lifespan
Dr. Emily Nalder Faculty  Managing age related cognitive changes using Real World Strategy Training
Dr. Kara Patterson Faculty  I Love to Boogie – Dance as a rehabilitation intervention for people with stroke

Among the guests was RSI Director, Dr. Angela Colantonio who applauded the strong turnout and response to the inaugural event:

"It was such a proud moment for me personally and a great step forward for RSI!" - Dr. Angela Colantonio

Thank you to all the friends, family and of course our very own alumni who attended and were able to take part in such a pivotal moment for the RSI community!

Be sure to check out the RSI website for more information on Alumni related news and events.

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